Digital connectivity has enhanced our society in innumerable ways, however virtual connections are no substitutes for face-to-face human interaction. We are challenging what it means to be truly connected beyond social media vanity and business productivity metrics. 



By 2020, we will be an international brand, hosting a dinner a day, 365 evenings a year, in major cities around the world. Beyond just the meals, we'll drive social impact on the issues we are most passionate about through deep conversation and meaningful connections between our deeply engaged and action-oriented attendees.


After twenty years in Manhattan, my family and I decided to move abroad to Barcelona for a year. It was terrifying, thrilling and challenging all at once, and I quickly learned the value of meaningful connections in a place where it’s not what you do but who you are that matters. 

It was also a place where getting to know one another is not done in thirty minute intervals across a series of appointments but by sharing a long meal over a leisurely afternoon full of deliberate, surprising, intimate conversation. In the end, I formed countless friendships that were in many ways deeper than those I had built over decades in New York, which got me thinking: Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep that great, global conversation going?