When I first met Marcus, it was in connection with a safari I was planning for my family in South Africa. We used his company and in just under a week experienced some of the most beautiful scenery and had some of the most dramatic game sightings imaginable. So it seemed only fitting when it came time to plan the How To Lead an Epic Life dinner for Capetown that I include someone who has made a career of creating unforgettable experiences for others in one of the most far flung corners of the world. I caught up with Marcus as he was on his way to Kruger for Easter to discuss some of his favorite moments from our conversation back in the fall and, as always, was very interested to hear what he’s most excited about in the coming season…


On why he was at the table:

My company believes in showcasing the best of Africa to international travelers but also that tourism can alleviate the plight of millions through employment and foreign investment. So every day feels to me like I am doing something for my continent. But the timing of this dinner was also opportune for me personally in that even something as exotic as the adventure travel business is like everything else a business. And I have found myself recently trying to strike the right  balance in life and find a way to escalate work to something more meaningful than just “the grind.” Sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded people was absolutely invaluable.


On a valuable lesson learned over dinner:

There were so many amazing people in the room like Mathapelo Ngaka from Monkeybiz, author and speaker George Walther and Elana Brundyn of Zeitz Mocca but their lives all pointed to the same singular lesson: Challenge yourself to live your own truth. It was pretty powerful stuff.


On inspiration found post-dinner:

Several people talked about the simple solutions of de-cluttering your life and prioritizing what is important. Small steps like ridding yourself of unnecessary technology and making time to reward yourself are now things I am thinking about on a daily basis.


On another kind of inspiration (whether on screen, on the page, or in real life) that recently moved him in an altogether different way:

I recently read the new Elon Musk book: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance which is a fascinating story of focus, made all the more interesting to me as a fellow South African entrepreneur. Highly recommended.


On something epic he’ll be doing in the next few months:

I’ll be taking time out to camp in Botswana game reserves in May. Cannot wait!


On the best advice he ever got:

My hands down favorite was this one: Wear your reputation as your highest crown.