A dinner, but also a discussion:

The Future of Wellness What is wellness? Wellness is our approach to the fundamental basics of life: movement, nutrition and regeneration.

Recently, wellness has seen tremendous growth and transformation from the success of more dedicated “expert curated” experiences (studios, boot camp events).*

  • Nutrition wellness has seen the emergence of new players from juice bars and detox chains, to meal planning / grocery shopping companies.

  • Our increasingly stressful lives have led to an awareness of the need for meditation, healthy sleeping habits and relaxation.

Today, technology is challenging the traditional spaces, times and ways people consume wellness. Mobile and sensors broaden wellness from a dedicated time to all-the-time.

  • With the emergence of dedicated online communities, social support in your fitness routine extends beyond four walls.

  • Explosion of fitness/wellness apps is re-defining the need for coaching

  • Looking forward, what does that mean in terms of the future of wellness?