Naseem Taleb has said: “I’d rather be dumb and anti-fragile than extremely smart and fragile, anytime.”

Put another way, are we in the developing world so obsessed with securing things like our health, our communities and our institutions that we have become insular and intractable? The same could be asked of our parenting techniques. Have we forgotten how to let our children eat dirt, fall down, get lost, change course or simply cut loose?

What does the anti-fragile child look like? How can we better raise children who are not just resilient but poised to grow and develop when faced with stress and change? What is the role of the parent in this process? The school? The community?

Helicopter, snowplow, bulldozer...labels abound for when our attachment morphs into child-rearing without boundaries. From healthy snack committees to medals for every activity, from incessant texting to going on job interviews with your child we seem to revel in overprotecting, overscheduling and overdirecting the course of our children’s lives. Has our good intention to ensure their success and safety gone too far? What constitutes “smart” parenting and what is simply irresponsible or a failure of leadership? What is the right balance between stress and security?

Join us for a candid and collaborative discussion about the possibilities for an anti-fragile future for our children.

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