“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all,“ Helen Keller bravely remarked but how many of us can confidently say we have chosen the more adventurous path? Conventional wisdom tells us life that begins at the end of our comfort zone but pushing ourselves to circumvent (or subvert) expectations and redefine what society deems “successful” can be difficult, as is giving ourselves permission to pursue our true passion and purpose.

What’s preventing us from taking the unconventional path? Have we lost our sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around us? How do you lead a truly epic life?

Midlife crisis, bucket list, there are countless explanations people give for finally getting around to pursuing something they’ve always dreamt of doing…whether it’s taking up cooking, learning a language or seeing the world. While financial and professional constraints can be a concern it still begs the question of why so many of us defer or ignore altogether the notion that life’s most meaningful experiences must somehow be earned or explained away. When we take bold action or are unrealistic or even when we fail spectacularly at something unlikely that we set out to do are our actions inspired or irresponsible? Where does risk end and danger begin? And, perhaps most importantly, what imprint do we hope our lives leave on those around us?

Join us for a candid conversation about adventure, inspiration and making life epic not some day …but every day.

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