From curating to crowd sourcing, the art world presents an array of challenges in the digital age.

Who does art belong to and where should it live? In an effort to make art come alive for the millenial generation, museums have allowed selfies sticks, introduced apps, implemented beacon technology. But should selfies in front of famous artwork be encouraged to increase attendance or banned because they detract from the experience of other museum goers? Social media platforms like Tumblr and Instagram are giving countless artists a new way to build community and empowering amateurs to improvise with filters, design and other artistic tools.

But what is the future of art? To what extent does unlocking art for all via technology enhance or endanger the professional artist? Who owns inspiration? And can technology be harnessed to create a new, broader definition of art, make the art world more transparent and make works of art themselves more accessible to creators around the world?  

Join us for a provocative conversation about  art and the integrity of the creative process in a social media driven world.

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