Dr. Stephen Cowan

“There is something vitally important that David has created here that goes beyond the subject of our particular night and pertains to all the topics he’s focused on….that is the power of conversation to heal humans.  When we gather to eat, to exchange, to share, it’s a kind of sacred-ordinary human act during which real healing takes place—in my humble opinion the most valuable human treasure we all have. So deep bows to David…and may we all get a chance to do this again.”

— Dr. Stephen Cowan

Seamus Mullen, Chef, Author and Restaurateur.

“I’ve been fortunate to participate in two dinners, co-hosting one of them with David, and it was extremely rewarding. The collaboration, learning, insight and passion of these dinners are a testament to the quality of participants he is able to curate. At the risk of hyperbole, I would say that his Jeffersonian dinners tackle extremely difficult and pressing issues of our time and work towards finding solutions through collaboration.”

Darren Campo - Senior Vice President, Food Network, Cooking Channel. - Professor of Media and Technology, NYU Stern School of Business

"David’s adept skill of bringing together a powerfully thoughtful group for dinner is brilliant.  My experience was though provoking, hopeful and inspiring.  To participate in one of David’s dinners is to be reminded that compassionate and inspired people light the world."

-Darren Campo
Senior Vice President, Food Network, Cooking Channel
Professor of Media and Technology, NYU Stern School of Business

Danielle Gould, Founder/CEO Food + Tech Connect

"David's Jeffersonian Dinner was an enlightening, inspiring and delicious experience that I will never forget. It's a true testament to David that he's able to create a safe space for people from diverse backgrounds to come together to break bread and openly share unique and differing perspectives, experiences and challenges. The only way to solve our world's greatest challenges is by bringing everyone to the table, and I think David has found just the way to do that."

Matt Daniel, VP of Business Development of WayBetter

"Having participated in one of David's Jeffersonian Dinners on health & wellness, I found it so refreshing to spend several hours around a table enjoying good food and wine while engaging in a focused discussion with 15 others who brought relevant experience and opinions on the subject. With so much of our communications these days being conducted through small screens, and meals being hastily consumed at people's desks, the Jeffersonian Dinner format is a welcome change and a great way to forge new relationships."

Elizabeth Hensick Wood, Managing Director of Worldreader Europe

"I attended David's "Dangerous Education" Jeffersonian Dinner in Barcelona. Although the evening itself was very enjoyable - interesting people, great conversation, delicious food and wine :-), it was what happened after the dinner that was truly spectacular.  

About a month later, the organizers of TedxBarcelona were looking for a speaker. One of the people I met at the Jeffersonian Dinner recommended me for the gig. I was excited and terrified. In January 2015, I spoke at Tedx, which in and of itself was one of the most thrilling things I've done. The next day, El Mundo (a major Spanish newspaper) wrote a story about my talk. The Tedx talk - and the subsequent newspaper article have lead to numerous connections and opportunities, including meeting and now working with the biggest trade publishers in the world on an exciting project which will get books to millions of children and teens across Latin America."


Steve Michaelson, CEO of Kiss My Face

“David Rich is a wonderful connector of people.   He is a rare combination of a sharp entrepreneurial  gut, an engaging personality, and a thoughtful mind and the dinner I attended reflected this. It was a unique opportunity to connect with like minded but very diverse people and I loved the conversation because of the divergent views represented at the table.  I thought I knew my subject ‘cold’—but I was still intrigued by the differing conversations and life experiences represented at the table."

Karen Washington, Let’s Get Farming and James Beard Leadership Award Honoree

“I had a wonderful time. While initially feeling somewhat intimidated by the resume of your distinguished guest list, I found it refreshing to know a few friends and left making new ones. To make us think about the role food has played in our lives while eating one of the finest meals made me cognizant of the fact that sitting down at the table and eating in community is an act that is sorely missed. It made for an evening of inquiry and frankness, an open dialogue without being judgmental..”


Benjamin McKean, CEO of Hungryroot

"I left David's dinner feeling inspired, energized and humbled. Not only did I learn from the animated and passionate conversations, but I left with a renewed outlook on opportunities to both further my business and give back to the community as a whole. Most importantly, I met people that I deeply connected with and plan to continue to develop relationships with. I was honored to be a guest and am grateful that I was able to attend."

Dr. Frank Lipman Author of NYT Bestseller New Health Rules

"What a pleasure it was to find spirited conversation and friendship around a table full of individuals who offered new and different takes on a subject I have been studying for most of my adult life. There is always more room for a meaningful exchange of ideas in our lives and David has managed to carve out a unique space and way to nurture these kinds of powerful and necessary conversations. "

Dan Duane, Contributing Editor, Men’s Journal

“David is a gracious host and a warm presence who understands the power of great food and wine to stimulate authentic conversation and human connection. More importantly, David devotes enormous time, energy, and generosity toward creating important dialogues that advance our understanding, enrich our lives, and motivate us to go out and effect change. It was a privilege being included, and I learned an awful lot from the passionate people around that table."

Julie Nguyen, Founder of Methodology

"David is masterful at driving deep, emotional, engaging discussions by bringing together people of all different ages and backgrounds to share their perspectives on a focused topic in which everyone is interested. Never before have I participated in a conversation so intimate and intense with a group of strangers, really. These dinners are an amazing way to break out of your bubble and connect with people who can help you reveal blind spots you didn't realize you had. If you're ever lucky enough to get invited to one of these dinners, just say YES! What could be a better use of your time than eating a beautiful meal as you connect with new people who will inspire you and push you to expand your mind?"

Rachna Govani, Founder of Foodstand

David's dinner offered a rare opportunity to have an intimate and humanized dialogue with an impressive and diverse group of people. Every attendee (and now friend) contributed with such authenticity and humility that despite our diverse backgrounds, professional positions, and aspirations, I think we all walked away thinking a bit differently about the world we live in. Much of the credit goes to David for being a gracious host, setting the tone, and crafting a space for ideas to flow unlike any other 'dinner' I've been to. And of course the food was impeccable.

Eileen Gordon Chiarello, CEO/Founder of Barnraiser

"David’s dinners provide a wonderful alchemy of dialogue, inspiration, and intimate connections.  Guided by his deft skills and generous spirit, these thought-provoking dinners are an antidote to all things modern and impersonal.  The ideas and relationships that are grounded in these evenings have a lasting imprint on those who attend as well as the way we are evolving our world."